Product range

Our extensive product range includes all conceivable types of small, technically sophisticated moulded-rubber articles in large series.

We develop and manufacture customer-specific moulded articles individually, for which, based on the material requirements, the appropriate rubber compound is developed or determined in addition to the geometry. This is where our experience from several thousand projects becomes apparent.

We manufacture standard articles with a large stock of our own moulds, in proven geometries and materials, for a wide variety of applications. Due to these products' predefined properties, product developers can consider them at an early stage in their designs.

Standard geometries can be found in the form of buffers and balls of all types in our online catalogue.

Product range

Material range

Different technical applications of moulded-rubber articles also require different materials. Selection is made according to customer requirements and on the basis of our experience.

With our own development and about 2,000 formulations, we can react flexibly and quickly to all customer requests. Here, we take into account customer-specific standards and regulations as well as country-specific approvals. We can process all elastomers currently known.

Material range

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