Mixing development

Mixing development

Another core of our activities is the development of specific rubber compounds. Here, too, we count on the competence of our employees and the 50 years of know-how of our company. We will find the right mixture for every application. Either in our database with more than a thousand in-house compound formulations or in the form of a new order-specific development.

In any case, these are materials whose properties and characteristics are tailored to the respective application and the requirements of a product. Our materials meet the requirements and specifications of automotive manufacturers such as VW, Daimler, BMW and many others. In addition, we have compound formulations that are used in the food and drinking water sector. Current approvals according to the German KTW guideline and DVGW W 270, WRAS, BfR and FDA are available for this purpose. The compositions of our compounds comply with REACH and RoHS directives.

Our own test laboratory for mechanical tests, media storage, TGA, burning tests, etc. is used to secure and monitor the respective requirements.

An overview of the most important materials and approvals can be found here.


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